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Do Termites Like Water

Do termites like water? Well, the answer is yes. Moisture or water attracts termites. If you are thinking that by removing wood that you can get rid of all termites, then you are wrong. The cellulose of the wood is the main food of termites, but they also need water. Not only do they need water for hydration, but they need water to digest the cellulose of the wood too. Thus, termites prefer to live in moist and dark places.

Do Termites Like Water?Do Termites Like Water

A main question that a lot of homeowners ask is, “Do termites like water?” Termites do like water since they need it to hydrate and digest the cellulose of the wood they ingest.

Arizona Termites Love Water

Arizona termites are quite common and they depend a lot on water. Hence, they find and colonize on moist wood. Subterranean termites are the most common type of termites in Arizona and they are very destructive in nature. They are about 1/3 inches long in size. The wings of these termites are mostly white with brown veins. They swarm between the month of January and March.

Source of Water

If you are thinking that you live in a desert area and hence there will be no moisture or water to attract termites, then you are wrong. Even without rain, you can accumulate moisture. One of the most common ways is the leaking pipe. You must check the wood located under your toilets, sinks or shower for the signs of termites. Leaks can go completely unnoticed for several years and it can be a major problem.

How to Stop Moisture?

Moisture or water are the main cause of termites. So, it is very important to prevent the moisture from building up in your house. Here are some of the important tips that you must follow:

  1. You have to avoid planting the shrubs and bushes directly against the wall of your house. Plant can retain the moisture from the ground. The mulch is also quite inviting to the termites.
  2. You have to check the downspouts and gutters for the signs of damage. Ensure that the gutter directly takes away the water from your roof and also away from the foundation of your house.
  3. You must check if there are any holes or cracks in your foundation or the walls outside. Termites are mainly attracted to moist and warm places, especially during the colder months. The cracks are the perfect entryway for the termites into your home.
  4. After cutting down the trees, also remove the stump as quickly as possible. These tree stumps can attract a lot of termites to build a colony. Gradually, it can spread to your home as well as termites can eat wood rather quickly.

Final Words

So, do termites like water? Termites do like water. You must use these aforementioned tips to reduce the water retention at your home and get rid of the termites too. You must not install the wooden trestles directly against the walls of the home. While it can be aesthetically quite appealing to you, these can actually attract termites as well. Make sure to take some preventive measures to stop the growth and entrance of termites in your home.

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