Do I Need Gutters Around My Entire House? – What to Check For

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November 19, 2018

Do I need gutters around my entire house? There are several factors that can help you determine this. Element Exteriors states that you may need them, or you simply may not. There are some homes which come with specific designs which will not require the installation of gutters. If you live in a place where there is high rainfall, then you may have to install the gutters so that they can protect your home. Some more of the factors which will determine whether you need the roof gutters around your home include the following:

Do you have a roof with an overhang more than 10 inches?

If your roof has an overhang of more than 10 inches, then you do not need the roof gutters. If the roof overhang is short, then you will have to install the gutters. The gutters play a great role in helping you protect the house walls against rain damage. If the overhang is long, then you will have the walls protected.

Is there an apron of gravel, concrete or stone around the house?

If there is a strong apron, gravel or concrete slab, you may not need gutters since your home is suitably protected. You should always inspect your roof so that you can know whether you really need the gutters. Hiring a professional roof inspector can make things easy for you because you can easily know whether the roof needs more protection through installation of the gutters, or opt for the house design without gutters.

Does the ground slope away from the house?

If the ground slopes away from the house, then it will easily drain away the rain water which will avoid cases where the basement can be affected by rain water. If you check the area around your house and you discover it does not slope away from the house, then you will be required to install the gutters.

Is there an effective rain water diverter installed?

The roof gutters play a role in helping you divert rain away from the house. If you do not have any rain water diverters in place, then you need to make efforts and install roof gutters which can collect and divert water away from your building. It is a great idea you can adopt so that you can achieve great house protection. The diverters should be installed well to assure you the necessary house foundation protection.

Does your place of residence receive a lot of rain?

If you live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall, then you should not fail to install the gutters. They play a great role in helping you manage the rain water which can pose danger to your roof. Check on the design of the roof and determine whether there is need to install the gutters. If you can apply the right inspection processes, you can easily have the best roof in place.


Do I need gutters around my entire house? The above factors can play a great role in determining whether you need the roof gutters or not. There are several benefits you enjoy upon installing the right gutters around your property that may save you potential rain damage in the future.

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